Moruga Scorpion Dark Chocolate Porter

I was excited when my co-worker, Brent, mentioned to me about a moruga pepper beer he had seen online. I believe it was a type of ale. Brent is a pepper connoisseur. He has a passion about peppers like I have a passion for running.

I felt that a sweet porter style beer would go well with the hot peppers, so I went with a dark chocolate porter. If this beer turns out as good as it sounds, I will happily call it Moruga Madness Delight! Time will tell, though.

Brent was nice enough to order the pepper online. I promised I would hook him up with some fine beer in return. I started out by soaking .25 oz of the peppers in 150 proof everclear for 3 days in a mason jar….

pepper porter

These are all the ingredients of the dark chocolate porter. I got it from the brand Briess. Sorry the picture is side ways…

pepper porter 3

Here is a picture of all the ingredients. They all can be found at a local beer making shop….

pepper porter 2

I added 3.5 gallons of water to a stainless steel pot and steeped 1 lb. of caramel malt 60L, 1 lb. of dark chocolate malt, and .25 lb. of carapils malt (all are grains) in a cheese cloth bag at 152-158 degrees for 30 minutes…

pepper porter 5

After running hot water over the containers to make the extract easier to pure, I added the 7 lbs. of golden light LME…

pepper porter 6

I then turned the heat up until it started boiling. This is where you really need to pay attention or else you’ll have a boil over and your stove will be a sticky mess…..and your wife will be a hot mess. 🙂

I started the clock for the 60 minute boil process. After 15 minutes, I added 2 oz of fuggles hops…

pepper porter 7

After stirring once and a while and at the 45 minute mark of the boil, I added 1 tsp. of irish moss…

pepper porter 8

At the end of the boil I added .50 lb. of cocoa powder.

pepper porter 9

I stirred in the cocoa powder for roughly a minute before removing the pot from the stove. At that point, the goal is to try and get the wort down to 72 degrees as fast as possible. I had a sink full of ice, ice packs, and ice water and began the cooling down process….

pepper porter 10

This time around it took about 40 minutes to get it down to about 80 degrees. At that point, I dumped the wort into the fermenting bucket and added almost 2 gallons of filtered water. This would bring the temperature down to near 70 degrees…

pepper porter 11

Once at the 5 gallon mark, I filtered the scorpion pepper solution into another glass, removing any of the seeds or particles of the pepper….

pepper porter 4

Normally there is a process to create extract from this solution. I decided I didn’t want to mess around with that, especially since I was dealing with one of the hottest peppers on earth! I decided to add the solution directly to the beer, about 3 oz. I don’t feel that is enough hard liquor to interfere with the 5 gallons of beer I’d be making…

pepper porter 12

At that point, I oxygenated the beer by stirring it aggressively. I then added the premium bitter yeast to the bucket and stirred more….

pepper porter 13

At this point I got the original gravity reading of 1.055. It was a little low from the 1.063 they called for, but that is because I added a little more water at the end.

I then capped the bucket, filled the airlock with everclear, and hopefully within a day the beer will be fermenting….

pepper porter 14

I will keep the beer in the fermenting bucket for a week. At that point, I will sample the taste. If I feel it needs more scorpion pepper hotness, I will add a little more of what I currently have soaking right now. I will then transfer the beer into a secondary bucket for 3 more days. This helps keep sediment and yeast down at the bottom of the bucket, making it a cleaner, tastier beer… supposedly. After those 3 days, I will transfer the beer to a bottling bucket and add the priming sugar. This carbonates the beer over time. The beer should be ready to drink roughly 7-10 days after bottling.

Other than my first batch of beer I ever made, I’ve yet to be as excited about a batch of beer as I am this one. Hopefully I can give it the Moruga Madness Delight name in the end.