Blood Orange Hefeweizen

The temperatures are warming up and I am at the next recipe in my “Extreme Brewing” book. Blood Orange Hefeweizen…..perfect timing! My wife was pleased to hear I was making this as well.

This is the recipe I followed, but I made a couple of adjustments throughout the brew process. I will explain them….

Beer 1

The recipe starts out asking for 4 gallons of water. The pot I have tops out at 5 gallons and with the risk of it boiling over, I started off this recipe with 3 1/2 gallons. Once the H20 started to boil, I removed the pot from the heat and added the 6.5 lbs of light liquid wheat extract and stirred thoroughly for about 2 minutes. I then returned the pot to the heat.

The recipe calls for 1/2oz  hop additions in the boil. It said to add Hallertau hops 5 minutes into the boil, but I had 1oz of German Hallertau Blanc left over from a previous batch that needed to be used so I added 1 oz at the 5 minute mark. I figured since I like hoppy beers, it wouldn’t hurt to add more hops to this hefeweizen. It should not alter the flavor of the beer that much. Here are the hops I used for this batch….

Beer 2

At the 40 minute mark of the boil, I added 1oz of the Saaz hops. There was about a 1/2 hour wait in between adding hops, so I cut, peeled, and removed the white piths from the blood oranges. The white part that is on the skin of the oranges would give the beer a very bitter taste, so I removed it as best I could. The recipe called for 4 blood oranges. I went to Giant to get 4, but they said they were out of them. Supposedly, the blood orange season is in winter, primarily in December. Luckily we had 3 blood oranges at home, so I used them. Here they are cut up….

Beer 4

I then added the oranges/peels to 1 1/2 liters of water and heated on the stove until it reached 160 degrees. I then removed them from the heat and put them into a cheese cloth bag. I would have to add that to the fermenter bucket at the end.

With 15 minutes left in the boil, I added a teaspoon of Irish Moss to the boil. I like to add Irish Moss to every batch of beer. It is supposed to give clarity to the beer, and with all the hops and blood orange/peel sediment, I definitely would need to use it….

Beer 3

With 10 minutes left in the boil, I added 1oz of the regular Hallertau hops that it asked for. Once the hour boil was finished, I stirred the wort clockwise, took it off the burner, and let sit for 10 minutes. I then put the pot in our kitchen sink that was filled with ice. I was able to cool the wort down to about 75 degrees within about a 45 minute time period.

I then transferred the cooled wort to a fermenter bucket. I added the oranges and peels in the cheese cloth to the wort, and added about 1 1/2 gallon of regular water to the bucket to make it a total of a 5 gallon batch. I added the yeast, stirred and aerated for a few minutes, and took the Starting Gravity reading. It read 1.044, which was a little under the 1.050 that the recipe says it should be. That is due to the 1/2 gallon I left out in the beginning of the boil. Adding the 1 1/2 gallons of pure water at the end also added to the lower S.G. reading.

Either way, I promised my wife this batch should be ready to drink in 1 month. We are looking forward to it!

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