Hey Runners, it’s free will!

Whining runners, beware. This post is about you.

Let’s get right down to it, runners. I’m going to ask you the age old question. Why do you run? Well I’ve heard all types of answers to this question…for the health of it, for the friends, etc. You’ve heard those answers too. Yep, they are all legit answers. If someone asked me the same question, I’d give those same answers. But seriously though. Why do you run? Maybe you just like to run, period.

Now, could you say that you love to run? If you can say that you love running, there shouldn’t be a need to continue reading this post…………….

Alright, so here we are deep in the heart of a frigid cold winter. And just like the temperatures, the whining and complaining about it are breaking records. Lots of runners seem to have problems with the cold. But hey, lets not end right there. I’m going to give you some “problems” that fellow runners are put through (aww, poor things), followed by some basic solutions to those problems. After all, running is pretty basic.

P: “It’s 10 degrees outside. Waaah. How am I going to get my long run in?”

S: Stay inside and whine about it. Let another runner run it instead.

P: “I have to run my long run on a treadmill. Waaah. It’s so boring. I hate it.”

S: Don’t run. Let someone else run it.

P: “I hate that trail route. It’s too technical. Waaah”

S: Don’t run it. Let another person run it.

P: “That race is so tough. It’s 20,000 ft. of elevation change. It’s dreadful pain.”

S: Sit at home on a couch. Another runner will run it.

P: “It’s supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow. How am I going to run that half marathon. Waaah.”

S: Go jump in a pool. Another runner will run it.

P: “I hate roads. Waaah. They hurt my joints and they are boring.”

S: Don’t run on them. They don’t like you either.

P: “10 interval repeats on the track. Waaah. That’s really going to hurt.”

S: Don’t run them. Let a track star worry about them.

Folks, like I said. Running is very basic. You either run or you don’t. Your choice. Free will. You can choose. I do know this, though. Those who put forth an effort, no matter what the circumstance, will likely succeed from those efforts. Those who don’t, won’t.

I love to run. I try to let my legs, and my legs only, do the whining.