Keurig Koffee making time!

Our work office decided to give in and buy a Keurig. Actually, our new supervisor talked us in to purchasing one. Up until now, we had been relying on an old traditional coffee maker and brewing some pretty cheap coffee to save money. It’s been a few weeks now since we’ve gotten the Keurig and I personally have mixed reviews on it.


  • Within a minute of pushing the power button, I have a hot cup of coffee
  • No cleanup necessary, just toss the k-cup in the garbage or recycle bin
  • Many different companies and varieties of k-cups to choose from
  • The taste doesn’t appear faulted (though the first 5 or so brews had a somewhat plastic taste to it)
  • Tea, espresso, and cocoa can also be made with the Keurig



  • Too much plastic waste being thrown away with the k-cups (I haven’t done research to see if they are ultimately recyclable)
  • Rumor has it that most k-cups are half normal ground coffee, half instant coffee
  • Germs/bacteria concerns at hard to reach places within the Keurig
  • How clean/sterile are the k-cups, which consist of the plastic cup itself, filter paper, and aluminum foil
  • The largest cup of coffee it brews out at one time doesn’t fulfill my needs(I have to push start multiple times)

I have yet to read up on the ins and outs of a Keurig. I’ve just gone on what others have told me. I haven’t made that massive step in buying a Keurig for home use. We still love our traditional coffee maker.

The pros above are pretty self explanatory. The cons, however, have many uncertain questions…

Do you have a Keurig? Do you like it? What facts do you know about them?

2 thoughts on “Keurig Koffee making time!

  1. A bunch of us at work chipped in for one. I drink maybe 2 k cups a week from it. I have not researched how clean/sterile k cups are, but I work with hundreds of children each day so I have a feeling those k cups are actually one of the CLEANEST things I touch all day. 😉

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