Time to put color back into my runs!

It’s time for me to start adding some color back into my running. Over the past several months, my runs included mostly black, yellow, and a few reds, but overall, it has been a gloomy painted picture when it comes to variety. I’ll explain…

I use a running log at Running Ahead and I have a bar graph set up for the type of workout runs I’ve done. Each type of run has a different color. They are as follows…

Yellow- Easy run

Black- Long Run

Green- Hill Run

Purple- Interval Run

Blue- Tempo Run

Red- Race

I’ve gotten into the habit of running long runs followed by easy runs to recover, and basically nothing else. It has been somewhat tough considering all of the ultra running I have done recently. I will be cutting back on the longer, ultra runs for the next four months. So I think it’s a prime time to start up on the speed work again. The winter months offer limited daylight, so a shorter, speed work session would work well. Speed work and long runs, especially trail/ultra runs, are on different ends of the spectrum. Or are they? I personally think I get as much out of a 30 minute interval run as I do on a 2 hour long run. My body feels similar after each run. Though my heart rate sky rockets with the interval run, the long run also causes the heart to work extra hard as the run goes on. That’s just my personal opinion and I know everyone is different. And I’m sure there is scientific evidence that says one type of run is better than the other.

In the next two months, I have the following races….a trail marathon, a road 1/2 marathon, a turkey trot 5k road race, and a 5 mile road race. They all call for speed and fast cadence turn over. Time to get colorful!

What are your opinions on the subject?

4 thoughts on “Time to put color back into my runs!

  1. I think we all fall into the trap of just running without “color” from time to time. Looking at your plan makes me a little excited to add some changes to my own training. It really does mix things up mentally and is truly the best way to see improvements. Good luck with your training!

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  2. I don’t think one run is better than another, but depending on you goals, certain types of training runs are better. When I was training for my 10k and my goal was speed, the longest run I ran in that 7 weeks was 10 miles! There was just no point in going longer, you know what I mean? So I think when you pick your training runs, you should be thinking “and how will this help me reach my goals?”.

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